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    The top directory listing of businesses businesses in Zambia Africa, Find telephone numbers, adresses and details about Zambia companies in the best african directory and phonebook, AfricaOneBiz powered by Mivasocial the largest african social network.
    Ivy Ye

    Asenware LTD Zambia

    701,Bd 8, Dongfangming Industry Zone, Dabao Rd, Baoan
    0086 13670150613
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    Zambia Africa Business Directory - The #1 African Business Directory. Best African Directory, Best Yellow Pages of Africa, AfricaOne is the directory and online directory of African companies. Africaone is the best African business directory in Africa and the African diaspora. African Business Directory, African Business Directory, Africa Business Directory, Africa Business Directory, Business Directory of Africa, African Business Directory. White pages Africa. Africa Directory, African Business Directory. The Africa section of the directory provides a list of African directories. Professional directory and private directory of africa. Directory of sites about Africa: news, culture, computer science, meetings. For Africa, you can access the company directory through the website www.africaonebiz.com. But what are the advantages? All professionals in Africa classified by category and region. Find the company you are looking for or register on your AfricaOne account. Yellow Pages Africa, the business directory for Africa. Our directory is updated regularly. Africa Yellow Pages at AfricaOne. We are the online directory in africa, african companies are listed in the Africa One african business directory.
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    AfricaOne is the first social African online business portal and the top business directory of African companies. Powered by the largest African social network, Mivasocial, AfricaOne gets your business the social visibility it deserves across Africa, the Diaspora and the entire world. Get discovered by clients near and far simply by registering your business in the Africa One African Business directory.

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