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…who are we?
The 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand

…Why do we exist?
To eradicate “tokunbo” (foreign used) automobiles from Africa

…what do we want to achieve?
To become the pride of African roads i.e. Africa’s most preferred automobile brand

…how do we achieve these?
To make durable and affordable brand new automobiles for Africans

– we’ve done it before for motorcycles; we are doing it again for automobiles!
In the beginning….
The year was 1978; a commercial town situated in the Eastern part of Nigeria, called Nnewi was the central hub for motorcycle importation. As it is today for tokunbo (foreign used) cars, so it was then for tokunbo motorcycles, they were the status quo.

By 1987, a brand new motorcycle sold for N150,000 and a tokunbo one sold for N100,000 – N90,000. Things would have continued this way to this day, but for the intervention of a 25 years old Nigerian, named Innocent Chukwuma, the founder of Innoson Motors (IVM).

Driven by his passion for people and his core business philosophy of bringing down costs and passing the gain to customers, he pioneered the first Made-in-Nigeria Motorcycle brand that sold for as low as N60,000. By year 2002, he had successfully driven out tokunbo (foreign used) motorcycles out of Nigeria forever!

The Present…
We are manufacturing durable and affordable brand new automobiles for Africans. Our brand new automobiles are selling for almost the cost of their tokunbo equivalents. And they are as good as any foreign automobile brand you know.

The statistics are alarming, according to a recent research by PricewatershouseCoopers (PwC), the ratio of brand new automobiles to foreign used ones on Nigerian road is 1 : 131. Meaning that for every brand new car bought, there are 131 tokunbo ones!